Servicios Modelo de Zacatecas, S. de R.L. de C.V. gave Eurochem the award…

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Grupo Modelo’s plant in Zacatecas presents an award to Eurochem for achieving the best safety performance during 2013”
Proudly, Eurochem and AM Resorts were sponsors of the celebration “Day of the Gastronomic” which…

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Eurochem and AM Resorts- Sponsors of the celebration “Day of the Gastronomic”
Eurochem through the Ecolosía Foundation made a generous donation of cleaning products for the Asociación Mexicana de Lucha Contra el Cáncer. This association is an institution that has as a main objective to fight cancer through an early detection and education.

For this reason, in Eurochem, Ecolosía and Ecolosía’s Foundation we feel proud to contribute to this cause so more people can be benefitted through the work of the institution.
Eurochem in favor of the fight against cancer
Agreement between Ecolosía Foundation and Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation
The Ecolosía foundation was the official sponsor of the 11th Golf Tournament “Playing for love” of the foundation Ciudad de la Alegría
Ecolosía Foundation present in the FAMIOLIMPADA of Grupo Bafar Foundation.
The FAMIOLIMPIADA 2014 took place last weekend and was organized by Grupo Bafar Foundation in the state of Chihuahua, where more than 4100 people participated. As a result of the alliance formed by both foundations, Ecolosía foundation together with Grupo Bafar were the only sponsors of such a big and important event. Throughout the event courses about hygienic management of food were taught to more than 60 children from public schools. Moreover, Ecolosía Foundation shared more than 2,000 free samples of Free Bac to mothers that attended the event and together with Grupo Bafar Foundation, Tecmilenio, Tecnológico de Chihuahua and UVM we gave out 7 university scolarships.

Our participation was a huge success and this is the beginning of a strong alliance to improve education and the quality of life of Mexican families.
On the 29th of March the 11th Golf Tournament of Ciudad de la Alegría took place in the Puerto Cancún Golf Course, which was named “Jugando por Amor” this year to benefit boys, girls, adolescents, adults and elderly HIV Patients.

The participants had a meeting on Friday night to ‘break the ice’. On the event on Saturday prizes were given out to the winners, who with their support contributed to the cause. In this event, Eurochem and Ecolosía Foundation participated as sponsors. This marks a beginning in the activities that have resulted from the collaboration agreement that was signed on March between both associations.






















By signing this agreement, Ecolosía foundation will support on a monthly basis with donations of cleaning products, dosing equipment, thanatology training and hygienic management of food and beverages training to the building of the Ciudad de la Alegría, plus the implementation of the programs ECO-BKT and the Escuela Verde.

With these actions children, adolescents, women and the elderly that are in vulnerable situations will be benefitted.

The Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation from the Real Resorts and Best Day groups, is an institution with an original complex of homes, attention centres and a hospital for HIV patients. Each one of them supports and helps people with different needs. They are all situated in Cancún, Quintana Roo.

This foundation helps more than 20,000 people each year, children, elderly people, women that are victims of violence, sick people and families living in conditions of extreme poverty.

Thanks to the union of efforts, Ecolosía Foundation and Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation will be able to maximize the reach of their programs to benefit people in vulnerable situations.
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The art of selling detergent
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